Land once barren is bringing prosperity

Seen from the sky, the fish and shrimp breeding base in Jiangping town, Dongxing city in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomou...

Lifestyle | 12.14.2018

Yak as a snack-a new kind of noodle-and-meat treat

A Bu's menu is simple-their signature noodles are yak-noodle soup and dry noodles with sauce and minced yak.

Lifestyle | 12.14.2018

40 years of development in Tibet since reform and opening-up

The year 2018 is the 40th anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening Up. Tibet, like other areas in China, has transf...

News | 12.13.2018


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Yunnan Bai ethnic silversmiths "clanging" for more than 20 years in Tibet

At the foot of the mountain in Dokde Township, a suburb north of the ancient city of Lhasa, ...